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The Bottom Line

Like everything in business, it comes down to the bottom line.  For us, it's not just about the dollar...

It's about community, and making sure that small businesses have the same opportunities that big businesses do.

The same goes for us, as a small business, we have to look at our bottom line and provide the highest quality possible.

What you get...

There is a base price, however, all is relative:

These services will provide you with a Main page, a Description page and two more pages that will either showcase your business and/or provide contact information.

This will also include the cost of setting up the domain name (www.yourpage.com) and the hosting.*

Additional fees:

The more pages you wish to add to your website, the more it will cost...

However, our fees not unreasonable.

If you choose to add video and/or animation on your website, we can make arrangements.


Web pages do, from time to time, need to be updated and/or maintained.

That being said, there is a flat fee of $50 per month, plus additional fees based on additions and/or changes to the web pages.

Database Services

Should your business need and/or require a way to keep track of inventory and/or customer lists, we can work with you to create something that is up-to-date and expandable.

We can also recommend solutions for expansion.

Computer & Diagnostic Repair

We provide computer repair and diagnostic services as well as software installation.

There is a flat service fee of $95, parts not included.

Software installation is $50 for available software.

Other Services...

  • We can create and develop presentations for training.
  • In order to provide a domain and hosting services, a credit card will be required on your part to maintain the continuous running of that web page.  Should you have a domain registered, we will work with you accordingly.
  • Moreover, if you currently have a hosting service, I will then, only, need the username and password in order to update your webpages accordingly.