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What we do...

It's not just about the dollar...

It's about community, and making sure that small businesses have the same opportunities that big businesses do.

The same goes for us, as a small business, we have to look at our bottom line and provide the highest quality possible.

Web Design

responsiveIf your website is not responsive, no one will see you...

Not on Google, not on Bing...

Each site is designed to meet modern standards.

SEO & Social Media


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how your business gets seen online.

Without a good back end or the right blah blah blah...

These days one cannot ignore social media, or your business will fall behind.

Paired with good SEO, your business will flourish.

Collateral & Promotional

collateralYour business isn't just digital,

it has a physical component as well...

Collateral such as business cards, flyers, posters, and banners help to promote your business locally.

Something as simple as a pen can speak mountains to your customers, and is a reminder to them of your services.

We can help


Database Services


Should your business need and/or require a way to keep track of inventory and/or customer lists,

we can work with you to create something that is up-to-date and expandable.

We can also recommend solutions for expansion.


Web Hosting Services

We also provide web hosting at a discounted rate, with email included.

Monthly and Yearly plans available.


Computer Diagnostics & Repair


We provide computer repair and diagnostic services as well as software installation.

There is a flat service fee of $95, parts not included.

Software installation is $50 for available software.